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Hummingbird Pantry Building Fund 

Hummingbird has outgrown our current 7,400 square foot building. Hummingbird no longer has the capability to park the high volume of vehicles or store the amount of food needed to assist the high demands of families seeking food. Since food should not be a luxury, Hummingbird is seeking 160 people, businesses, and/or organizations to support of efforts with a $10,000 donation. 

While some may not have $10,000 to give, Hummingbird appreciates donations of any amount. Please mail donations, over $1,000 to PO Box 1012 Mims FL., 32754

Donations may be made to GoFundMe. Thank you for your support as Hummingbird continues to feed our neighbors in Brevard County.

$1,600,000. Building Fund

Donations of $1,000 or more are asked to be mailed to PO Box 1012 Mims FL. 32754

$10,000,000. Long-term Future Funding 

Box Truck for

Food Pickups and Delivery

Thank you for your support

Click here to Donate to our

Wish List

Computer Software to process up to 6000 families weekly

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